Where Dreams Go To Die (and why mine is still on life support)…

You want to know where dreams go to die?

Monday. And the day after that. And the day after that. The “everyday grind” is exactly where dreams go to die. Why? Because almost every one of us have moments of time (even days, or weeks if your lucky) when we feel very inspired. We feel like we can do anything, be anything, achieve anything. We can make a difference. And we can make the world suck a little less by helping others.

Then, we get sucked into the overwhelming responsibilities of everyday life.

So, that is exactly what (almost) happened to my dream. Last summer I was sitting on my living room couch, talking to my parents about this phenomenal idea that I had just thought of. My dream was to build a school in Zimbabwe. At least one. Just one. Build one school, then I could die happy.

Yeah, I was in that honeymoon phase of dreaming. Everything was exciting. I was ambitious. I created this blog. I posted it on my Facebook timeline. Over 70 people viewed it. And then…nothing.

To my defense, I’ve been in school full-time since last June. This is my final year of college as an elementary education major, and I’ve been grinding away! In fact, I just began my final semester, student teaching.

Which brings us to now. Now what? 

This Christmas break, I spent a lot of time catching up with many of my friends via phone calls, Skype, and even going out to eat a few times. Undoubtedly, all of us 20-somethings were discussing what was coming next in our lives. I have an awesome friend who is an author and speaker. I have another friend currently living and studying in Lebanon. I have yet another friend who just spent some time in D.C. interning at a law firm. Many of my friends are workingtoward meaningful goals and jobs and vocations.

And myself? I had gotten to the place where I was complacent. I’m graduating this spring, and I’ve already been asked by any and everyone I know, “What are you doing after you’re done?”. I was considering teaching abroad to make some money and start my career. Or maybe staying here and beginning my career in teaching. Now, none of these options in and of themselves is wrong. What is wrong is selling yourself short when you know God has called you to something else.

Today, I re-decided that I really want to do this. I still want to go build schools in Zimbabwe.

Not 1. Not 36. But a 1,000. I may be 80 by the time I’m done, but (God-willing), it’ll get done.

Why? Because this dream actually makes me feel alive. Terrified. Hopeful. Passionate.

I’m all in. But. It will begin with me revisiting my original plan (see above blog post). Which is why, though I’ve “fallen off the wagon” once already, I want to try this…again. Posting a couple times a week, and keeping you all updated on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This dream is not dead. But it is on life support! I’d appreciate your prayers as I continue to ask God to lead.

4 thoughts on “Where Dreams Go To Die (and why mine is still on life support)…

  1. Vimbo, I’m really excited about this. You’re capable, and God is always at your side. Keep going! A good friend recently told me “life is movement.” In the daily grind, just keep moving forward. Inspiration comes and goes–we don’t have control over it. But we usually have control over what we do on the daily. And with what we can control, I think the trick is to keep moving. I’ll be looking out for more of these posts!

    1. Thanks Steve! 🙂 This encouragement is really helpful, especially since (as you’ve mentioned), inspiration comes and goes. But thanks so so SO very much! You’re an awesome friend, and appreciate your support.

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