What To Do With Failure.


So I had self-imposed a deadline of February 28th to have Tinevimbo officially registered as a non-profit, and as the date that we would have our website up.

Why did I want everything done so soon? Well, several friends/benefactors have ALREADY expressed interest in donating to the cause…and it’s only possible to start receiving donations and making solid plans once we have all our documents in order.

Well, it’s February 28th.

We are still at least a week away from being registered, and possibly a couple weeks away from having our website out.

So what now?

We’ve gone through many interesting things this past month as a new organization. I’ve met with our “board of directors” (those of us founding the non-profit) twice, and we’ve shifted around our team quite a bit.

Right now, the picture is still fuzzy, but I wanted to write this blog to let you know – WE’RE STILL MAKING PROGRESS!

Instead of focusing on how we’ve failed to meet our deadline, I want to inform you on what positive things have happened this last month:

-We’ve gotten graphic designers! 🙂

-We’ve (almost) completed our documents that we need to register

-We’ve also (almost) completed a timeline of the project, which you can look forward to in the next week.

So no, we didn’t reach this deadline. But hey, we are still moving forward.

What do you do with failure? You keep moving forward!

For those interested in possibly getting involved or helping, please feel to e-mail me at vimbovivien@gmail.com 🙂

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