This Is What Your Donation Really Means.

Sometimes it’s hard to connect the dots when it comes to giving.

You plant a seed, but may not see where it goes.

Let me paint a picture for you!

Your donation will make these things a reality:

-Running water for high school students after a long day of school work

-A school garden that will literally grow nourishment for the students of the Hwata School and the Zimbabwean community surrounding Hwata

-Leaky classroom ceilings being fixed, so that students can focus on learning and building their future, and not the raindrops falling on their desks

So what’s stopping you from donating today?

If everyone reading this post donates just $15, we can reach the goal of $25,000! 

(And of course, you can donate more than $15!)

Watch the video below for more information, and click here to donate today 🙂 




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