This is what it looks like to not give up.

The Obstacle.

There’s an education crisis in Zimbabwe. Following Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 from Great Britain, education in Zimbabwe rose to be the one of the best systems on the African continent. However, over the past 15 years, as the Zimbabwean economy has been on a rollercoaster, the public school system has crumbled. In 2013 alone over 13,000 students had to drop out of school due to lack of teachers, supplies, and resources, causing many schools to close. Many public schools haven’t been re-opened, or are being acquired by private entities, due to lack of sustainable financial resources. But it’s more than schools – students, children, communities are suffering. It’s time to help.

(sources: UNICEFAfrican Report)

We Have Hope.

Literally = “tinevimbo”. We have hope. We have fortitude. Basically, stubborn. TineVimbo stands for being so stubborn in our desire for change, that even a little bit of a setback won’t dissolve our resolve.

TineVimbo has a plan – but we need your help!

  1. TineVimbo has adopted Hwata Secondary School in Zimbabwe. The needs of the students are real.
  2. We want to make Hwata Secondary School sustainable. What does that mean?
  3. A garden. A school garden will help this school become more sustainable. But there are other needs.
  4. Another well, for access to clean water.
  5. The school buildings need to be fixed. We’re talking ceilings, structure, large furniture repair, THE WORKS.
  6. So far, $1,700+ has been raised for this project. About $25-30,000 is needed to see all these things happen.

127 days left before I get on a plane and make this a reality. But I need your help. Click here to donate today.

-Vimbo, Founder TineVimbo

Will you partner with us to help?

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