The church burned down.

“The church went down in a blaze…sad news.”

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in the airport in Washington state, flying home after a friend’s wedding when I received that text from my mother.

[Ok, so as I write this, I’m currently driving a uhaul across 1,200+ miles, moving to a new city, so please excuse any typos or run on sentences!!]
So, if you’re following this blog, my LAST entry was about the day I visited this church in Harare, the Mt. Pleasant SDA Church. This church, where I visited (this summer) the kids again after two years, and I presented donated materials to the children’s program. This church.
It’s now gone.

It tragically burned down (I believe it caught fire when the wind swept a nearby outdoor fire) and the congregation is STILL trying to rebuild.

Thankfully, no one was injured by the fire. But the main church building and children’s chapel were completely destroyed. (Suprisingly, I actually have heard that the supplies I donated didn’t all burn?!) But everything else that was inside the buildings (supplies, chairs, electronics) is gone.

While this church wasn’t the main focus of my mission trip, I feel very connected to them. When I came two years ago, many members encourage me and even financially supported my trip and my efforts. When I came this summer, once again, I was warmly embraced, and they are my home church when I am in Harare.
I’m still working on getting out information about any way you can help if you’re interested. For now, here’s the letter I received from the Pastor (who is like an uncle to me!):

MP Fire

If you’re interested in helping the situation, email me at



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