11046968_838815339495565_3043811257052374022_nIt has been an exciting time for me since I’ve announced that I’m going to Zimbabwe this summer. I’m so excited to be going on this three-week trip to work with ADRA Zimbabwe (ADRA stands for Adventist Development and Relief Agency) – they are awesome!
I’m filled with many questions, and I’m definitely excited for my upcoming trip. I’ve never really thought of myself as that much of an adventurous person, so this trip is definitely out of my comfort zone. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive, encouraging family and friends! Here are the highlights:

11010290_606373006166101_8037774096181644250_n-My friends and family are awesome!

-I’m going to Zimbabwe this summer!

-Donations have started trickling in!

You can follow the progress on my YouCaring fundraising page:


Here’s a video that explain the vision behind

I’m also so excited about the heart of this mission! There are the projects that the donations will be supporting:
*Clean Water for a school & it’s community in eastern Zimbabwe
*Rebuilding a school & supplies
*Blankets for orphans – 100 blankets
*Beyond Food Aid (a program by ADRA Zimbabwe) – helping train people so they can generate their own income (decorative candles, uniforms, peanut butter, bags for them to sell)

Please e-mail with any questions – and keep the prayers and pennies coming 😉


I appreciate the outpouring of support, and I’ll keep you posted on what God is doing through this mission!

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