Hwata School Project

The mission has always been to make Hwata Secondary School a sustainable school.

Some of the students, assembled for morning prayer.

The Hwata Mission Project began in 2015.

Vimbo, founder of the educational non-profit TineVimbo Inc., traveled to Zimbabwe to begin working with Hwata Secondary School.

The mission was to bring clean water to the students of this high school.

With help from generous donors, the first part of the mission was accomplished by the TineVimbo nonprofit organization.

22Vimbo oversaw the drilling of the first borehole – which is a well for water with the help of ADRA Zimbabwe, which is a humanitarian non-profit in Zimbabwe. Now the Hwata Secondary School and the surrounding community in rural Zimbabwe have access to clean water.

But the work isn’t done!

This school and community need a second well to be dug in order to accommodate the needs of the community. TineVimbo is aware that there are other things the school needs in order to survive. The mission continues – we want to make Hwata a sustainable school and a place where students will learn and grow.


Upcoming Hwata School Trips

214Trip – June 2017

-Drill a Well for Water – Borehole

-Start a School Garden

-Provide Basic School Supplies

-Group Mission Trip

-Repair School Structure

-Installing Running Water & Restrooms

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