[Day 15-17] Delivering Beautiful Gifts

[These are reflections from June 15-17]

It’s pretty humbling to be able to deliver a gift that I didn’t give myself, but I was giving on behalf of other people.

This post is mostly about what happened on Sabbath, June 17th.

So, first I have to rewind to explain how I got this gift to give to a couple churches in Zimbabwe. Before I went to Zimbabwe, I was traveling around to cities nearby my hometown to fundraise for this mission. I visited a particular church in the Tampa area, and after I did my presentation, several individuals and the Pastor came to me with 5 boxes.

“Do you have any need for felts?” they asked me.

Let me explain what felts are, if you aren’t familiar. They are characters and scenery that you use on a board to illustrate stories in Sabbath School (or Sunday School, or in Christian Schools) to teach children Bible stories!

They actually happen to be quite expensive to purchase.

Here, this church was giving me 5 boxes to take with me, to donate to a church in need in Zimbabwe. There ended being enough felts for me to donate to two churches (the second church I gave felts to, I’ll write about in a future post).

But it was such an awesome experience to present the felts to the church, and get to see the children and teachers who will benefit from these gifts!

With the Sabbath School Superintendent and the Pastor of the church in Harare, Zimbabwe
With the children’s Sabbath School class outside 🙂


One really beautiful things about church (to me as a teacher) is the fact that in Sabbath School time, children learn to be literate through stories that are told and illustrated.

The gift of literacy is quite a precious one.

It was a fun morning! 🙂


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