[Day 12-14] Hope Soap & Reunions

Hello hello!

I wanted to share a special part of the trip. My friend made dozens of soaps before I left the USA for the kids at the Hwata School – and they have “Hope” imprinted on them. She included a washcloth and some small notes for the kids to read.

This is extra special because printed on each little soap bar is HOPE. TineVimbo means “We have hope, or fortitude”.

I’m SUPER excited to give them to the students when we see them, hopefully by the end of this week.

To be honest, now that I’m here in the capital, Harare, there have been a few delays in my plan. I’ve been working on just going with the flow. We’ll get to the Hwata School sooner rather than later. And the plan remains to go and spend next week at the school for as many days as possible there. It’s a few hours away, so the trip out to the school does require some forethought.

I just really appreciate the people here who are making things happen.

Besides that, it’s been nice to be back visiting the ADRA Zimbabwe offices! Many people I met when I was here two years ago are still around, so it feels like a bit of a homecoming.

I’ll keep y’all posted as things unfold on this end.

Now, I’m planning to go out and explore in a little bit! 🙂


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